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Christine Bénard, Founder and Director


A small, hard-working consulting firm based in LA. Established in 2008, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions, communication development and project managing, we offer our clients the full package.

Complete CV

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Christine has more than 25 years of business experience. She has spent 12 years as a consultant in strategy, management, organization, and operations including purchasing and cost reduction. She has also spent 15 years in operational positions in the industry, including 10 years as a CEO. She is the Founder and Director of G-G+ and a member of the board at Séquana, a publicly traded company.

Christine has led many change management programs within big industry corporations that led to breakthrough results. As CEO of Mecaplast (600 million Euro in annual revenue and 6,000 employees in 15 countries) Christine and her team succeeded in increasing the profit margin by 7 points and achieving the best order book ever. This was achieved thanks to an international approach, innovation, and 100% committed employees.

Christine has a particular affinity for purchasing and procurement, as this was her main role as the VP of Purchasing at Valeo and the VP of Strategy, Innovation and Purchasing at Alstom. In every role Christine has held, she makes it a point to spend time in the factories understanding the business from each vantage point, and involving employees at every level. It is a very human experience, the progress is achieved with eyes, ears, legs and heart. (Valeo Air Conditioning CEO, Mecaplast CEO)


Christine is proud to have received, along with her teams, many awards throughout her career.  These include: Best Supplier to Logan (Renault), Best Supplier in Quality PSA, Award for Internal Communication at Valeo, Prize for Best Factory from Insead/ L’Usine Nouvelle, Prize for Entity with best quality results at Valeo.


Christine’s management model has been built not only through her vast experience, but also through her many mentors and charismatic leaders in the CAC 40 (Patrick Kron, Thierry Morin, Noël Goutard, André Navarri, and Hanna Moukanas). She has truly learned from the best – and then added her personal and feminine touch.

Christine is passionate about innovation including social innovation, and she is very active on social networks. She is an avid volunteer. She is the President at Habitat and Humanism (06), and she thoroughly enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience. She has co-authored two business books. She teaches at HEC and Nice Skema, and speaks publicly at many events as well as many conferences, radio, and television shows. 

G-G+ Partners

BRAINSONIC: Digital Solutions


Brainsonic delivers businesses with digital solutions aimed at gaining ROI for marketing and communication strategies, particularly with video and social networks. Brainsonic blends editorial, creative, and technical services with innovative software platforms, including Sociabble.



Christine is a professional motivational speaker certified in the United States. She teaches professional speaking, negotiation, and personality profiling. Together we created a negotiation training module, and offer a conference with the “employee@heart” theme.

MANAGERIS: Manager Training


Specialists in management and leadership since 1992, Manageris are experts at training managers and leaders through roleplaying. Manageris equips its students with the tools to implement true behavioral changes rooted in everyday life.



G-G+ is a proud member of the Monaco Riviera Business Hub. MCABH is an association of hundreds of innovative and progressive companies in Monaco and the French Riviera in the tech, sustainability, and smart cities industries.


Founder's Favorites



A small manufacturer of electric vehicles based in the Principality of Monaco. A small company with a large impact, Venturi has a Formula-E team and holds a world land speed record with their electric streamliner program. The car is a great example of reaching beyond, teamwork, and a more sustainable world.

Habitat and Humanism '06


I am President of Habitat and Humanism 06. We are looking for donors, volunteers and apartments for the poor. We believe in rehabilitation through housing. We believe in a united world that would not leave anyone on the street. Join us!



I have worked with this company on several occasions to organize large internal meetings. They are able to put on a great show for employees “de-dramatizing” through acting out internal problems. They bring awareness to issues all while making people laugh at themselves, and in turn, promoting change.

WAOUP – Reactor Innovations


Waoup was co-founded by my friend Hervé Kleckzewski. It is an “innovation incubator” with a combination of talented individuals and companies. Together they create new businesses, shape new leaders, produce new ideas and accelerate their implementation to market. Take a look, and join them!

Daniel Herrero – Team Spirit and People Management


He is someone I greatly admire. One of the most enigmatic coaches in rugby, Herrero led the RC Toulon to victory in 1987. Every time he gave a speech to my management teams, he injected huge amounts of lasting energy and motivation into the group. Even 10 years later, some of us are still talking about what we learned from him. He inspires true leadership and team cohesion via the rugby third halftime method.

The story of FAVI – a company that believed in its employees- Jean-François Zobrist


In the ruthless world of automotive manufacturing, FAVI has had 25 years of continued success through a very human approach of putting their employees at the heart of the company and making them accountable.

Vineet Nayar – Employees First, Customers Second – Turning Conventional Management Upside Down. 


Overturn conventional rules of management by putting employees before all else. Real transformation occurs with programs that build confidence, motivate and empower employees to best meet the needs of clients. This is a strategy for success!

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