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G-G+ helps your business to achieve profitable and sustainable growth

G-G+ Founder, Christine Bénard, is often asked why she chose the emperor penguin as her company logo. After an incredible expedition in Antarctica, as well as seeing the film “March Of The Penguins” by Luc Jacquet, Christine became passionate about these amazing animals. It is in these animals that she sees a reflection of the qualities it takes to run a successful business; the emperor penguin’s fragility is its strength, it is loyal, committed, and adaptable to the harshest environments, it is fearless, tough, a team player, and tolerant. Like the emperor penguin, Christine believes that businesses are able to achieve great feats using only minimal resources, and that is what she sets out to help her clients do at G-G+.

Thanks to 25 years of professional experiences, I am able to mobilize the best team of highly specialized experts to address your very specific needs. That is why I have decided to make strong partnerships with very specialized and innovative companies who share my values. Together we work directly with your teams in order to pass the baton in the most efficient and expeditious manner. 

Founder's Credo

I believe that growth is always possible. Vision and enthusiasm are the keys to success, especially during difficult periods. 


Businesses can always expand into new geographical markets. The strategy for growth and expansion is in localization more than delocalization. Penetrating new territories of growth is motivating for the entire company. 


I believe in innovationYou must be innovative in order to anticipate your customer’s needs. You must be innovative with your products, your processes, and your business models. Innovation is at its peak when all  stakeholders are involved in the process – not just management. This includes encouraging small innovations via implementing employee suggestion programs.


I believe that in order to grow, you must free up resources. I believe in cost optimization more than cost reduction. Consume less, consume smarter and buy cheaper! I use a very specific 7 + 1 lever method to achieve this goal.


I believe in lean manufacturing and lean engineering. I believe in "zero defects" mind. Being a “black belt” in quick response quality control, I can help you, together with my network of lean experts, to achieve quick wins in that area.


I believe in smart procurement. It means that you need to be the preferred customer of your suppliers. The extended enterprise made of a network of credible partners is what enables you to be stronger and more competitive. I have innovative and simple methodologies starting with the "quick purchasing audit" to improve rapidely.


I believe the true transformation of any business is a virtuous cycle: listen, understand, act, assess. All times of change create uncertainty and instability. Good change management practices include the identification and control of resistance and risk.


I believe that employee@heart is the most important aspect of change management success. When your employees are satisfied, they become 100% committed and it translates directly to satified customers, and therefore satisfied shareholders. There are two conditions. First, employee behavior is a reflection of their environment. If you wish to improve the performance of employees, don't focus on changing the employee but rather changing their environment (access to information, working conditions, evaluation criteria, training, and opportunity for advancement, etc.). Second, you must hire and develop strong leaders to drive this change - it is not simple, but it is a worthwhile investment!

One of the most powerful tools to engage stakeholders into that transformation is digital and particularlly the usage of social networks. 

Above all, I believe in a progressive type of business that is humane, simple, sustainable, tough, fearless, and ambitious much like the emperor penguin. You need to set and share very ambitious goals and achieve them in the most humble way possible.

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