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Change Management


Change creates uncertainty and instability. Employees become anxious, “What will happen to me?” “How can I influence the decisions?” “Do I have any control?”. For a transition to be successful it is necessary to identify risk and resistance and to win the support of the entire company for the project.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):


  • Defining transformation programs (content, modules and sub-modules, governance, planning, measurement), based on:

  • Analyzing what exists (organizational chart, cartography of key Company players, motivation factors, misgivings, risk, etc.)

  • Implementation support (Program Management Office, PMO) including:

  • Communication and animation (with our *Brainsonic Partner) including *implementation of Enterprise Social Networks, production of committing audiovisual content,

  • *Digital conventions and meetings

  • Training (with our *Manageris Partner)

  • Coaching for managers who will be involved in the change management program (including for new comers in their position)

  • Monitoring progress / measurement tools / reporting


Christine Bénard offers a conference on the topic of employee engagement (Employee@heart, Digital role in boosting Employee commitment, etc.)


Give away Less

To optimize cost

Gain More

To grow

Lean Manufacturing


The G-G+ model is aimed primarily at SME’s and ETI’s with factories that wish to increase their savings by improving the organization of their production facilities and processes. Our service covers production costs, logistics, and quality control.

G-G+ helps their clients define and deploy efficient and realistic improvement plans to produce more and better, with less resources. Our plans are tailored to businesses of varying sizes and maturity levels. With nearly 20 years of factory experience, specifically in the automotive industry, G-G+ is able to help our clients to identify priorities and implement related actions, utilizing our network of experts in lean manufacturing.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):


  • Flash audit, following a factory visit, in order to identify major areas of improvement  and implement quick wins

  • 5S , TPM, Hoshin, SMED workshops

  • Human organization of Production

  • New projects management and product/process design to cost

  • Lean investment

  • * Implementation of programs to build factory employee commitment

Less fat, more muscles in your support Functions:

Lean Administration


Resources are scarce and therefore you should not waste them! Administrative processes and support functions are there to “support”, not to “suffocate”. It does not make sense to make cuts to these functions just for the sake of making cuts. What is at stake is to develop "work efficiency" ! That is why we developed the “7+1 levers of efficiency” method, which has been applied successfully for more than 15 years.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):


  • Identify opportunities and make recommendations based on the *“7+1 levers of efficiency” method.

  • Identify the "right sizing" of each support functions

  • Design new lean organizations and implement them

  • “Make or Buy” strategies. Outsourcing deployment plans definition and implementation


Engage and boost your suppliers...and your buyers!



In industry, purchasing costs almost always account for over 70% of total costs. Improving by just 1 point can equal several million Euros! These improvements often do not require any additional investment, and therefore equal immediate increase in cash flow. Additionally, the better relationships you establish with your suppliers, the more innovative and efficient you can be for your clients.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):

  • *Flash audit

  • *Coaching of Purchasing Managers

  • *Define purchasing strategies: both global and specific to each segment of purchasing

  • Define how to integrate suppliers as partners into all your business processes (*Co-success concept)

  • Organization of the procurement function: processes, indicators and tools definition and implementation (including *purchasing roadmaps)

  • Communication: to explain purchasing functionning rules to all employees and engage them into purchasing success (*the "10 golden rules" video)

  • Negotiation training (in partnership with Christine Morlet)

  • Achieving quick wins via coaching and support on real negotiation business cases


Employees First, Customers Second



Like many longtime consultants, I had started out by thinking of Value Creation for the shareholders, then customer delight. However, through my operational jobs I realized that all that was important but appeared to be only a consequence of happy employees. Indeed how can you engage employees into customer satisfaction if themselves have no vision, no clear understanding of what is expected from them and how they contribute to Company success, if you do not trust them and if they are not accountable, if their work conditions are poor and their career perspectives unclear? Happy employees are the entry point of the vertuous circle for customer and shareholder happiness. It is where G-G+ helps its customers to make it happen.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):

  • Flash diagnosis, 360 degree leadership, employee satisfaction surveys

  • Definition and communication, including via digital means, of a shared and motivating vision

  • *Vision deployment into a strategic plan and operational projects and objectives by department and up to the individuals

  • On the job training for management and leadership, in partnership with Manageris

  • Developing programs to enhance staff involvement, including suggestions plans

  • *Deploying Company social networks, together with Sociabble software (in partnership with Brainsonic/Sociabble) to boost Internal and External Communication impact

  • *Conference on how to succeed via employee@heart implementation


Gain more: what and how?


I always believed that a company should be managed with a spirit of growth: to create more value, to conquer new territories, gain new products, etc. Defining those areas for growth is key, as well as organizing their concrete implementation!


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):

  • Establish a strategic planning approach that includes governance, processes, market surveys

  • *In particular, formalize the strategic prouct portfolio based on the analysis of attractiveness areas and domains of strenghts of existing and potential businesses

  • Define implementation plans for activities to develop and for those to exit

  • Define obejctive deployment plans from strategic plan to long/medium action plan, then Company annual plan (budget achievement), up to each employee


New Geographical Territories


A major source of growth can be achieved in international markets. Localization, much more than de-localization, should be motivating for the entire Company but it can also present risks if it is not well thought-out. G-G+ will be with you each step of the way to ensure your success in new markets.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+ specific):

  • Market studies via systematic integration of local skills and experts knowledge. Areas of example: *China, *India, *Russia, *Burkina Faso, Eastern Europe, Brazil, etc.

  • Business plans (we have specific competences in M&A and experts in Finance), feasibility analysis, SWOT analysis, detailed implementation plans

  • Support for deciding between the different possible modes of local penetration and implementing them: greenfield, acquisition, joint venture, strategic partnerships

  • PMO to lead the project

  • Communication to securize buy in from the entire company

Sail the Blue Oceans: Innovation


New products, processes, services (including via digital technologies), new ways of doing business: the future belongs to companies who succeed in creating sustainable differentiation territories, who are able to anticipate consumer wants and meet their unsatisfied needs. Innovation is their motto.


G-G+ will assist you on the following topics:

  • Defining Innovation approaches: organization, disorganization, processes, incentives, communication, funding, etc.

  • Supporting in deploying those approaches, as well as re-design to cost ones, with different partners who specializes in Innovation

Digital Change


Some managers in the Industry still believe that digital is a luxury reserved for B2C. Now, however, digital has become a key lever to boost change and generate growth also in B2B businesses. A key lever...provided it is not introduced just "to do like everyone". It has to be implemented in a very professionnal manner, with the true willingness to let it boost the Company transformation. This is why G-G+ has partnered with Brainsonic, one of France’s leaders in digital, social media and social selling, including via their softwares, such as Sociabble.


 G-G+ will assist you on the following topics (* G-G+/ Brainsonic specific):

  • *Define digital strategies: B2B, B2E, B2C

  • *Implement social loops: listening to your ecosystem on social networks, producing and broadcasting content in a relevant way

  • *Implement Company Social Networks, to serve strategy.

  • Produce engaging content: videos, infographies, white papers

  • Develop sales via social networks (social selling)

  • Organize digital events

  • Digital training for all staff, including management

  • *Transform your employees into your best brand advocates with Sociabble

  • And much more on the Brainsonic and Sociabble websites…


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